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XC Weather
The Western European International Pigeon Racing scene from a British perspective.
Weather for pigeon racing.
(Dutch language.)
Crows are a hot topic in
our local newspaper. Some positive, some
negative reviews are surfacing.

When we, Belgians or others
talk about pigeon racing in France, we
immediately think of the North and North-Pas
de Calais or to Alsace

A type of competition common
in Belgium but unheard of and unthinkable over
here is the Flanders Cup. This cup targets the
Barcelona International and.......

It’s been a year since I first
wrote about our use of ravens as a natural
defense system.

It is in Sus Saint Léger, we
find the pigeon fancier Patte Meiller, with a
colony that has been for more than 20 years at
the highest level!

The more fragmentation, the more
breakaways, the more defensive tactics to
preserve first prizes the thinner the
administrative capacity becomes.
This third installment about
our raven feeding success is to include a
picture of the feeder along with some details
about it.

1st  French National Hens
Barcelona 2013, 823 pigeons “Damien” did
not have to wait long for a good national

An outstanding pigeon in this
year’s (2006) International Barcelona belongs
to a young fancier of 39 years -

They are sun lovers, basking
in the sun at every opportunity. They will
brave the wind and cold to sit in the sun.
Philippe Odent lives in
Nielles-Les-Calais, a small village of less than
300 inhabitants in the area Nord-Pas-de-
Calais. Philippe and his wife have lived there
since 2004.
Pigeon Racing was originally
based on the idea of improving
the species by careful selective
breeding. The original idea was to extend the

The holiday season is upon us.
During this time of year families
get together for the traditional
turkey, baked ham, pumpkin pie,
and then again in a few short weeks, will get
together to open gifts.

Well, believe me; I have never
seen such a team of pigeons,
models of the champions they originate from.

Pigeon racing is being destroyed
from the inside. This is not the
only thing that has changed. The British sense
of fair play and ordinary working class good

“By the time a man is wise
enough to watch his step,
he’s often too old to go anywhere!”
Everyone gets older, including  our pigeons.

"Sebastian came very close
to winning the European
Ace Pigeon 2013 with
4 awards, not 3 as the European Cup Ace
Pigeon indicates......."
Modern pigeon racing has become a consumer
sport and modern fanciers have become
consumers. Consumer thinking relies on
creating names.

I believe our birds are what
they are because of what they
eat.  Do you agree?"

"Thierry Bazire a Pigeon
Fancier who has been at
the top of his art for  ten years now,...."
by Tom Smith
Unbelievable! Remarkable! Astounding!
Fantastic! Jo Hendriks of Twello Holland
wins the 1980  Barcelona International flying
780 miles at a speed of nearly 1,000 yards
per minute
The “Fondclub de Glazenstad”, or as we
might call it the long distance Club of the
Glass City, is a specialised long distance Club
formed to increase the interest of members
participating in National and International
by Wim van Rijk
But he is not only famous for his racing, also
as a breeder, he has laid the foundation for
many other top fanciers.....
I am sure you  will agree with this statement
but how exactly is pigeon racing unfair?
by Wim van Rijk
Finally! Hans Knetsch, from Katwijk a/d
Rijn, made it to first in a National. This is
great news. He has come so close so often...
While the history of long distance racing
pigeons began many years ago the impact of
the Second World War was such that it
almost had to begin again in 1944/5.
by Wim van Rijk
At Pau Hans nails it despite the weather,
NL06-2125672, a widower, was clocked at
12.04 hours with a velocity of 981.574 mpm.
In 2009, this black chequer cock was very
early at Perpignan, when he was placed 38th.
Lately, many voices have bemoaned the tale  
that money has ruined the sport. How many  
of those voices would, I wonder, when a man  
arrived at their door offering a suitcase full of  
cash for their best pigeon politely send him  
away with the message they do not sell  
by Wim van Rijk
A Barcelona not soon forgotten, irregularities
in the first liberation, but a solution was found
and then our birds face a temperature of
around 40 degrees.

One thing concerning me for some time is the
amount of food just thrown about and wasted
by pigeons rearing young. This can happen at
any stage of life of course, as they sort one
seed from another...
by Piet Oliehoek
The first thing I would like to report to you
is that in this story we are going to talk
about a champion who normally writes
articles about our pigeon racing sport

In 2012, in a very fast race, the UK managed
to gain 13 International positions but in 2013
we managed to do better still. In one of the
hardest races for many years and with a
smaller entry the top 38 UK pigeons all
gained International positions.
"This question has intrigued us avid marathon flyers for a long time now. For  this international classic not only has a magical attraction for pigeon fanciers around the world, it is also surrounded by  mystery and stories."
"The Barcelona weekend was of course D-day, now it had to happen. Jelle  Jellema had three pigeons basketed with geolocators and had the necessary  confidence in them not to let us down."
Which route do our pigeons  really take from Barcelona?
An experiment by Ultsje and Jelle Jellema and Wiebren van Stralen
Jac Steketee of Bruinisse
Nigel Lane

I have meant to write something about Jac Steketee for a number of years now but have held back because of his concern over  publicity. That part of the story goes back many years and I will not pretend to know the ins and outs of it but what I do know, as a result of that lack of publicity, few in the UK had really taken much notice of his name until quite recently.
Jac Steketee 2013
Nigel Lane

Last year I wrote “The performance level of Jac Steketee and his pigeons carries on to this day.” It was true in 2012 and it is still very true in 2013, so here we will have a look at 2013...

ZLU ACE Barcelona Pigeon 2010 to 2013.